The People
Dr. Brian Dixon
Dr. Brian is a working clinical psychiatrist in Texas, hell bent on making sure that people can find the appropriate mental healthcare when they need it. He has his medical degree from the Texas A&M College of Medicine and finished Triple Board residency from the University of Kentucky. He currently owns and operates Mindful, a private practice in Fort Worth.

“Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.” Dr. Brian loves X-men and the words of Charles Xavier, a telepath. Everyone having access to a therapist that can directly meet their needs is a dream worth fighting for.
Matt Ryavec
Matt is the tech side of things, a transplant to Tennessee but still a Kentuckian at heart. He is passionate about creating software that makes people's lives better. His career spans small business ownership, Google, and CTO consulting for up-and-coming startups.

Matt believes that technology doesn't exist as an end unto itself, but as a means to service and enrich the human experience.