The App
The therapist found themselves wondering,
“What exactly is Gide?”
What is Gide, you ask? Easily put, it’s an affordable platform for therapists to match with clients inside their strengths. Shifting control from an algorithm, back to the ones who know best: you, the therapist.

More easily put, we’re a referral app that helps connect you and other therapists to, well, each other. We help you grow your professional referral network, remedying the age-old, pesky question, “Do you know a therapist who...?” while also growing your own network of fantastic colleagues who can call on you when they have just the right client.

We know, we know...we do it all. And by “all”, we mean bringing you the best, vetted referrals, hand selected to fit you and your colleagues down-to-the-nitty-gritty focus areas.
“But how?”, the therapist asked.
“How do I find the best fit for the patients that aren’t the best fit for me while also gaining referrals for the ones that do?”
Great question. Our Gidescore is a fresh-new technology that helps you do just that. We allow you to tune your focus areas to exactly what you want to treat. Which means other therapists in our network are also doing just that.

We’ve created a system of hand-crafted focus areas by our in house psychiatrist (Hey, Dr Brian!) for you to choose from. With simple swipes on our slide-based focus areas (in house, we call this the GideSlide, so now you’re in the know), along with more personalized information, we’ve created a space where you and your colleagues can easily refer and find the referrals you need, ensuring that the customized search results will only bring the best fits (yourself included!) for a particular need directly to the top of the pile.
It’s easy to use and effective, giving you more time in your day back to...well, yourself.
“But why?” they couldn’t help but ponder.
“Why did they create such an easy, useful product made just for people in the mental health community?”
We’ve been trained to have to claim we “treat it all”. If we want any referrals, we must say we want all of the referrals. (We refer to this as Psychology Today Burnout. Shh, don’t tell them.)
So why’d we create Gide? Simple. We think therapists help the world go round and we want to make their lives easier. Happy therapists equal healthy clients.